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WUT Monday Market Update 09-10-18

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Crypto Cowboy's Take

There are a few scenarios which all point to bear market ending very soon. I'm seeing metrics that point to current price being bottom, or perhaps the current downturn ending a little lower and that being bottom, or even perhaps one more leg up and then leg down to what will be the bottom. Consensus around the crypto space is that Bitcoin (and therefore the rest of the crypto market) will be neutralizing soon. This is great news!

Bitcoin has a massive amount of public appeal due to it's freedom of movement and trade. Because of this, I don't see it being "neutral" for long. The good news is: during neutral times when BTC is consolidating, alt coins tend to have a nice run and then consolidate themselves. This will present a great opportunity for cryptocurrency speculators to make nice profits in a steady market.

That said, the best time to start getting information is RIGHT NOW. I like to enter toward the bottom of the market. Only way to be able to estimate the bottom is to be watching the market now and gathering more information.

YOU get to watch us do this in the WATCH US TRADE room. This is a entertainment channel where we give you up to date news on the crypto space as well as updates on the moves we are making. As per the disclaimer below, none of what we do is financial advice. We open our books to you as a form of entertainment and education!

So come join us to find out what we are thinking! We will entertain you with our thought process on "when bottom" as well as "when lambo" and "when moon!".

~~Crypto Cowboy

Crypto Z's Take

We're watching VET (VeChain) carefully in the WUT room. Unlike so many of the major products announced over the last couple years, VET is getting very close to delivering on everything it has been working on. VeChain will be the most complete blockchain solution in existence by October. We're excited to see where it goes!

~~ CryptoNekoZ

This Week's Highlights:

Z Working WUT on the Weekends: A lot of WUT members have been saying that their best day to trade is the day we go quiet. Not anymore! Z has moved his schedule around so that he can be fully engaged in the WUT room on the Weekends!

Z's Live Videos Moving to Afternoons: Z is moving his live show to the afternoons so that more people can tune in live and get the most out of it. Get your questions answered LIVE in the chat. Check him out here.

Shows approximate prices of CowBoy's entry and exit. Exact timing not indicated. 

Nice BTC TRADE: CowBoy was IN at 6800 and Out at 7200. Great gain on this trade for CC. Sadly, if you weren't in the WUT room, you missed it! We'd love to have you. The Traders will be monitoring the markets closely this week and sharing their every move. Be there for it!

Trade Snapshots: We're going to start posting quick updates on what trades our guys are actively in on a daily basis. This will make it more obvious to members following along as to what is still relevant after major market swings, which often disrupt or close previous trades.