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Get Started w/ the "Watch us Trade" Workspace

Welcome to WUT!

We're very glad you're here! On this page you will find some of the information and links you need to get started. Please bookmark this page and refer to it frequently when you have questions.

1. Videos to Watch

We've posted some of very helpful videos here to help you understand how our room works as well as some trading basics. Please watch everything on this page as soon as possible! (If you know how to use Slack and Binance, then you can skip those. The rest is important to get you started.)

There are MANY more videos posted in Dex's Sharefile site, which you will be given access to shortly (please allow up 24 hours on weekdays, possibly longer on weekends to get access to sharefiles). See the video called "Get Started with the Pulse Wave Trading System" to learn more about the sharefiles system.

2. Who to ask and Where to go

  • SLACK: We use Slack for our chat room. Watch the video below to learn more about how to use and organize it. The room is organized into 4 simple "channels", which you'll find links to on the left side of the Slack screen.
  • SHARE FILE and the Pulse Wave Trading System: Look for an email from a sit called or Shortly after you join WUT you will get an email that gives you access to this site (can take 24 hours or more on weekends). This gives you access to all of Dex's premium resources. Please save your username and password, both of which we assign and cannot be changed. Videos on how to use below.
  • Dex the Algo Capitalist (@Dex the Algo Capitalist) is our lead trader and educator. Frank (@Frank_DeLalla) helps manage our room and produces media content to help you learn how to find and use all of our great materials.
  • If you have account or payment issues, or would like to upgrade or cancel a subscription, contact Jenn @support inside the room.

3. FAQ and TroubleShooting

  • If you have log in issues, go here.
  • Contact inside the Slack room by sending a direct message to @support or send email to support here.

4. TIPS AND TRICKS for Trading Cryptos:

  • We use Binance a lot. You will want to create an account there if you don't have one.
  • Have some BNB on Binance to keep fees cut in half. Usually 3-5 is sufficient.
  • Trailing stop loss is done manually on Binance.
  • Start small so mistakes are small if you are new to trading.


How to use the Slack Chat App to get the most out of "Watch Us Trade"

How to Use the daily Simplified Crypto Trade Sheets posted in Slack.

Get Started with the Pulse Wave Trading System

Dex’s “2 Bar Charlie Method” for setting Stop Losses

Binance Basics (2 Parts for Crypto Traders)

The video below includes info on how to place orders and set stop losses. Also see the “2 Bar Charlie” video below to learn Dex’s method for choosing stops.